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Sunday, September 19, 2010

competition yang uoll ley join..

bila time2 akhir tahun camni.. rasa macam2 nak buat. pernah tak korg terpikir nak join benda2 macam ni?
ok. apa yang bakal aku paparkan ni adalah mengenai competition2 yang korang boley la sertai.. kepada sape2 yang berminat and rasa ade banyak mase terluang, join la. mana la tau kot2 korang mmg berbakat. jgn sia2kan peluang ni k. lebih-lebih lagi kepada student yang memerlukan sumthing untuk memadatkan portfolio korg.. 

1. Swatch Young Illustrators Award

Be part of Illustrative in Berlin!

Applications for Illustrative 2011 can now be submitted.

In May 2011, the 6th Illustrative- the leading
international festival for contemporary illustration and
graphic arts, will take place in Berlin again. Artists from
all over the world can now apply for the festival: Until
October 22nd, 2010 they can submit works in order to
be considered for the Swatch Young Illustrators Award.
On November 5th, 2010 the nominees will be awarded
in advance and invited to the “Illustrators Night”, a
celebration at Direktorenhaus in Berlin.

2.Less Waste More Rights: Design Competition

In compliance with the European Directives for 2010, year of the battle against poverty and social marginalization, the competition is aimed at giving visibility, promoting messages, as well as graphic design and industrial design projects compatible with the claim "Less Waste More Rights."

Deadline for entries is October 30, 2010.

3. IdeaMI International Creative Contest

IdeaMI is the contest which puts creative talent (in graphic design or writing) from all over the world, whether professional or amateur, to the test.

Participants must depict Milan through a slogan, or through a t-shirt design. The contest is open to people of all nationalities and ages, and there is no participation fee.

4.  ONE Condoms Design Contest
Do you have what it takes to be a condom wrapper designer? (Yeah, we know it's an unusual gig.)
ONE® Condoms feature more than 200 different designs, with many created or voted on by customers like you. Since the first Design ONE® Contest in 2004, innovative designers have helped push the ONE brand in exciting new directions, and inspired people to think about condoms in new ways.
We're counting on you to put your talents to work to help us create the next generation of ONE® Condoms. So express yourself. Push the envelope. Show us what you've got!           

As a leader in capturing our world through brilliant imagery, National Geographic sets the standard for photographic excellence. Now you can share your vision of the world. Enter to win $10,000 and have your photo published in National Geographic magazine! Photos will be judged on creativity and photographic quality.

Submit your entry online in any of these three categories: People, Places, and Nature. The submission period begins September 16 and ends November 30. Winners will be announced in early December. There is an entry fee of U.S. $15 per photo. Send us your best shot!

penat jugak copy and paste ni..nnt aku update ag k.. hehe

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